Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hand Painted Mohair Top

I've been in the dyeing zone this week, so I have more fun stuff to share today. Yesterday I painted these four bright colors of Mohair Top. I went for Crimson, Desert Gold, Violet and Sapphire. Today I'm going to do a couple greens and I'm thinking a silver and maybe a wine. I haven't fully decided yet.

I just love mohair. It seems to have a smaller following than merino and other wools and I guess I can see why. It's kind of in a different category. It has more of a hair-like feel which is why it's very often used for doll hair. It helps that it has a longer staple length and just look at that pretty crimp! It has a wonderful luster as well. When you spin mohair or blend it with other fibers, you get a soft, pretty halo effect. Love it!

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