Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The City Scarf ~ A Brand New Crochet Pattern!

The City Scarf Pattern is complete! I'm always excited when I finish a new pattern. So much time goes into them, so to finally be able to say, "Here it is!" is awesome!

In my last post I was trying to decide how to publish my new scarf designs. I determined that this scarf was a good one to publish on its own. The Regensburg Scarf, which is still in the works, will come with a few suggestions for variations on the pattern.

I have also created a companion video for the first time. While this scarf looks fairly straight forward, the fringe may be a little challenging for newer crocheters. So this is the first time I've created a pattern that comes with a link to a help video.

Speaking of companion videos, later this summer, I'll be producing a companion video series for the Mini Muk Luk pattern. It has been requested and I have promised to get that done this summer. So if you are a visual person, you may find that news appealing.

Now I need to run to my spinning wheel! It's almost the end of Day 5 in the Tour de Fleece and I haven't spun anything yet!

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