Thursday, March 25, 2010

Show & Tell from Asheville ~ Part II

If you happen to read this blog from time to time, you probably already know that I'm a bead lover. I'm just drawn to beads and the seemingly limitless possibilities that they present. It doesn't hurt that they are sparkly, textured and come in every color imaginable. For a visual person like myself, bead stores are heavenly places.

While visiting Asheville last week, I couldn't wait to explore the Chevron Trading Post & Bead Co. Right in the heart of the historic district, their windows filled with star shaped paper laterns, beckon passers-by. This bead shop is particularly fun because not only can you find everything beady you ever wanted, the store space is like entering a fantasy land. You know, one of those places where every time you look, you see something you missed before.

As a matter of fact, I was just about to leave when I turned around to find these beaded lamps. There were actually lamps in two sizes, night light covers and picture frames. All were lavishly beaded in striking colors. The little bulbs illuminated the many facets and colors of the intricately wired frames. My pulse sped up and I quickly began to pour over all of the luminaries looking for my favorite. The question was not, "Should I?" it was, "Which one?"

I don't know how many times I changed my mind before picking this one in rusts and oranges. I was pretty sure they were all perfect. Still, I had to make a choice.

I have one of those "great room" style houses where my family room flows into my kitchen. The kitchen has red accent paint and the family room, a large blue sectional. I thought the orange would play nice with the blue and red.

In the evening, when we are watching TV and only want enough light to see our way around, this lamp is perfect. It rests on my counter producing shadows that dance around the room making the space feel warm and happy.

I guess the moral of this story is to visit the Chevron Trading Post & Bead Company. You never know what you'll find, but you just may love it!


WonderWhyGal said...

I love it! It's beautiful and if I am ever that way, I will have to visit the store. I bet it was hard just to walk away with one and not both.

Jenn said...

I came so close to buying one of the night light covers too! LOL!