Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hello From Asheville!

It's my last night in Asheville, North Carolina and It's been a great weekend. I've had some precious family time and have been able to get to know my little 17 month old niece. She's such a sweety!

The weekend has been filled with hiking and swimming, good food and staying up late talking. Tonight we hung out at a pub called Jack In The Wood where on Sundays, a group of Irish musicians gather to play. On their banjos and fiddles they jam together while an appreciative crowd drinks microbrew and eats yummy pub food.

Whenever I come to Asheville, my one request is that I get dropped off downtown for a couple hours to just wander in and out of the stores and galleries. I love a little "me time" and I have come to have my favorite haunts. I found some of my favorite artists still selling in the same places. I like to support the local artisans, so I always pick up a new piece or two.

I've got some very pretty beadwork to show you when I get back to my studio. Until then, I'll say goodnight.

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~ Phyllis ~ said...

I love Asheville. One of my favorite places to visit.