Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Show & Tell From Asheville ~ Part I

Hi there! I'm back from Asheville, NC where I had a wonderful time with my family. I managed to sneak off and do a little shopping too!

Tourists to Asheville usually find their way to the Woolworth Walk. This is actually an old Woolworth Co. building from 1938 that has been converted into an art gallery and soda fountain.

Downstairs, in my favorite corner, I found this necklace by Karen Tipton of Morning Doves. Karen has combined my two loves, fiber and beading, into this striking pendant necklace.

I think her use of color here is terrific. The pendant and chain are antique brass and copper with turquoise and red accents. Not everyone would be brave enough to blend this combination with the pinks, blues and greens of the rings and ribbon that extent the length of the chain. Karen has brought all of these colors and textures together and they more than work, they look amazing!

I'm leaving you with a few more pictures. I wish I could leave you with a website, but it looks like the only way to see this artist's work is to visit Asheville.

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