Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dyeing For Inspiration?

When you're into the fiber arts, it's hard to resist a little "dye" wordplay. All silliness aside, I'm feeling very inspired this week by my customers who have purchased dye. Yesterday's post highlighted the fabulous art of Susan Limprecht and today I have the opportunity to show you some of the first dyed and spun skeins of another talented woman.

On Etsy, she's known as ladeebee where she runs a fantastic Vintage Button Shop. She has a second store named Vintage Baby Revival. If you visit her blog, Close Knit, you'll discover her passion for knitting and crochet. What I love about ladeebee is that when she decided to try out spinning, she really went for it! Not only did she teach herself how to use a drop spindle, but she took it one step further and dyed her own wool! That's more like trying out two new crafts at once and I love her "jump in with both feet" spirit!

On top of that, I'm just plain impressed by how great the colors came out and how lovely her yarn looks! As someone who knits and crochets, she already has a feel for fiber and it shows.

I am very inspired by ladeebee and her adventurous spirit. Her work is an excellent example of what you can create when you explore and try new things. Whether you are expanding on your own craft or trying something for the very first time, don't hesitate, just go for it!

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