Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Soap is Wearing a Sweater!

How adorable is this?! My good friend Jenn (not confusing, lol) sent me this wonderful little gifty she found in a pottery in Sperryville, VA. Made by Felting Frenzy, they call this "Soap In A Wool Sweater". It looks like they are still building their website, but I linked it anyway for the future.

As I sit and write this post, the little sheep soap is sitting next to my keyboard and the smooth scent of sandalwood is filling the air. So nice!

The little card attached has a lovely write up. It talks about the wool being a mild exfoliant for the skin and that it will shrink along with the soap as you use it. One thing they mention that I hadn't thought of before, is that when the soap is all gone, the wool can till be used and a scrubbing pad. Very clever. It's like wool and soap were meant for each other!

I also like that the card talks about every fleece having its own story to tell. Fiber Frenzy likes to tell that story through their fiber art.

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Deneen said...

That is awesome!