Thursday, April 2, 2009

Beautiful Blue Faced Leicester

Hi all. I just updated my listings for Blue Faced Leicester over at Wind Rose. You can now purchase this fiber in 1oz, 2oz or 4oz lots.

If you've never worked with BFL, I cannot recommend it highly enough. It has long been one of my personal favorites. I loved it as a beginning spinner for it's generous 5" staple length. I love Blue Faced Leicester now for the soft feel and the fact that it has just a little more texture than Merino. What can I say? I like soft, but I like a fiber that can hold shape and has some strength.

BFL will wet or needle felt with the best of them. It also takes dye like a dream. This is one versatile wool!

1 comment:

Jags said...

it is one of my faves! And I highly recommend it for beginning spinners :)