Monday, April 6, 2009

Sparkling Studio Mosaic (3.6oz/388 handspun yards)

I know this is a crazy big picture, but I just couldn't help myself. I worked so hard on this new Sparkling Studio Mosaic yarn!

I've been enjoying spinning yarn out of my surplus fiber lately. This weekend I did what I do most weekends. I spent a little time tidying up my studio from a busy week's work. In doing so, I discovered that I have quite a generous stash of Firestar in addition to my fiber. I knew right away that I would have to spin a Sparkling Studio Mosaic.

So I went through both collections and made pairs of all of the fiber that had matching colored Firestar. I used the same method in the design as before, only now after each plain color, I spun a length of that color's Firestar twin. The result is still a colorful self-striping yarn, only this one has tons of Sparkle.

I also didn't want to skimp on the color, so this ended up being a much bigger skein. I'm a little torn about whether to break it into two skeins or leave it as one. I only charge .20 a yard for my singles, but with 388 yards, that's a pretty high priced yarn. On the flip side, It's so nice to get an art yarn with enough yardage for a bigger project. For now I think I'll keep it together and see if it finds a home.

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Rowena Tank said...

This is such an artful hand spun skein. I hope that you show your work at The Arizona Federation 2010 Conference. Vendor spaces are still available.