Monday, April 27, 2009

Erica's Present ~ Beaded Bracelet

Good Morning! Show and tell today. This is the bracelet I'm wove my sister's birthday coming up on May 4th. I thought I'd surprise her by being on time this year! :D My sister tends to wear calm, earthy colors, so I hope this will go with much of her wardrobe. I also hope she will like the design I came up with. I had a good time sitting down with my graph paper and colored pencils, trying out patterns.

I'm not quite finished yet. I still have to weave in my loose ends and affix a closure. Figuring out a good clasp was harder than making the whole bracelet. I ended up wire sculpting a hook for one side and I plan to sew a solid ring to the other end. I could make a beaded loop for the hook, but I like the way the metal closure will play off of the silver beads in the bracelet. I'm actually kind of proud of my hook design. I might have to take a picture of it once I finish putting it together.

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Larry said...

This sounds great. I think I will give it a try.