Sunday, April 12, 2009

Deconstructed Poppies (1.3oz/81 handspun yards)

I am so excited to share my newest handspun yarn with you! This skein has been more than six months in the making. It all started back in October when I bought some gorgeous Poppy colored Wensleydale locks from Michelle Johnson at the Southwest Fiber Festival. I loved the curl of the locks and the color was phenomenal. I knew I wanted to use them to create something unique.

Last month when I was doing some custom dye work, I found myself with an extra 4oz of variegated Golden Brown 80/20 Merino/Silk. I held it up to the Poppy and the colors looked great together. Back on March 19th, I shared my inspiration and the beginning of this new design.

So here it is! Deconstructed Poppies, finished and already listed at Wind Rose Art Yarn. The Wensleydale has been treated in such a way that the fiber still shows off its natural curl with loose ends that playfully draw attention to that fantastic color. When working with this yarn, you will meet a poppy "flower" approximately every 12 inches. There is another skein on the way, but for now, weighing in at 1.3oz, there are 81 yards of yarn comparable to a worsted weight, but with a novel edge.


Rowena Tank said...

I added this photo to my Fiberart Blog and e-mailed Michelle Johnson to check out this great handspun skein. I love this!

Jenn said...

Hi, Thanks Rowena! I was going to email Michele, but I guess that's all taken care of. Thanks for posting my yarn on your blog! :D