Saturday, July 19, 2008

Handspun Yarn - "Paint the Town Red"

Here's the newest addition to handspun yarns at Wind Rose Fiber Studio. "Paint the Town Red" is the result of a late night inspiration. There I was, in my studio, surrounded by prepared roving just waiting to be spun, when I got this idea. Of course I abandoned all other projects for the night and went for it. I have a cache of beautiful nylon ribbon and I began to ponder how it would look plied with a wool. I was planning on making something in red, a lot of people have been inquiring about reds lately, so I already had the roving dyed. I carded one ounce of the red merino with 8 inches of matching Firestar (a sparkling nylon roving) and then spun it into a sport weight single. Next I plied that single with the red nylon ribbon making sure to allow the wool to come through in the twist. I'm so excited about the result. It's two, rich shades of red loaded with texture and shine. It's also wonderfully soft and feels great next to the skin. This is just a great skein of yarn for people who love red! Right now I just have one in stock at 58 yards, but I will be making three more to allow plenty of yardage for your projects!

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