Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Today at Wind Rose Fiber Studio #1

Good Morning!  This is the beginning of a series on what this Etsy store owner does each day to keep her business going forward.  Personally,  I tend to get more done if I have a plan for the day.

 So here's what's happening at Wind Rose Fiber Studio today:

Today I need to order more Jacquard dye for my inventory.  I wait until I've run out of one color and then I order.  You have to order in Units of 3 with a minimum order of $50.  I sell Jacquard Acid Dyes because I use them to dye my wool and soy silk plus other fibers.  I became a dealer so I could keep my prices low and to offer it to people who like to dye their own.  It's not a product that is typically found in craft stores.  

 I also have three different handpun yarns in various stages of production including the one you see here.  I call this one "Moonlit Dance".  I always try to provide a decent amount of yardage with each design so I have one more skein on the way.  I have three more skeins of "Buried Treasure" to produce and a third design that is a beaded yarn form my Mother-in-law's birthday.  
Happy Birthday Kathleen!  (you've been blogged : )  So I guess today's goal is to keep advancing these.  I'd like to at least get the fiber carded for "Buried Treasure" and to finish the beading for Kathleen's yarn.  I'll post a pic of hers when it's ready.

Finally, I want to use my new software, Pixelmator, to design a gift bag label.  I like the idea of my store being a one stop shop, so in addition to designing gift bags for the upcoming holiday season, I would like to offer a customized gift bag with tissue paper and a To:/From: tag for purchase year round.

Well, I think that's my day.  It goes without saying that I'll be doing these things while taking care of daily chores around the house, working out (40 laps a day in the pool), gathering clothes for the donation truck that's coming tomorrow and playing with my kids.  Whoa Baby!  :D

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