Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Buried Treasure

O.K., so I have decided to become a more faithful blogger, starting now.  Of course I've done this with written journals for the past twenty years resulting is a handful of beautiful journals with about  five pages of writing each.  My hope is that it will be different on the computer.  I'm here everyday anyway.  I spend most of my time obsessing about my Etsy store, so I may as well put some of this obsession in writing.  It's healthier.  Right??

When I leave this post, I'll be heading up to my son's room where I take all of my pictures for my store.  This involves clearing his art table of piles of paper and drawing implements, then washing the table as it is usually covered in crayon and ink.  Why bother?  It's simply the best surface with the best light in the house.  I can't let too much of the day get away from me.  I've become very focused on where the sun is in the sky.  It makes all the difference.  

Then I'll go to my studio to retrieve my latest handspun yarn; my "Buried Treasure".  I'm very pleased with how it turned out.  The primary color is rich, golden brown.  Twisting its way through this earthy tone is a treasure trove of beautiful autumn hues.  What really strikes out at me is the small amount of bright green soy silk.  It has that natural silky sheen and really plays off of the light.  I'll be listing one skein today of 80 yards and there are three to come.  

I've also been busy at the dye pot this week.  two new shades, "Golden Ochre" and "Fire Red" will be  listed today.  I'm also restocking two favorites from the Skin Tone line:  "Peach Glow" and "Sun Touched".  Click on the link to the left to see all the fun new additions to Wind Rose Fiber Studio today!

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