Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Long Day

It's been a long day today.  My sister arrives late tonight from VA.  I've spent most of the afternoon getting my house presentable as well as trying to add a few fresh touches here and there.  The early afternoon was spent at the pediatrician......    zzzzzzzzzzzz  

Well it's a day later then when I started this post and I'm a lot less tired.  I am sad though because I ruined my goal of blogging at least a little every day.  I MISSED  A DAY! : (

I'll be taking it kind of easy this week enjoying my sister's company and savoring the last week of summer before the kids go back to school.  Saturday we are taking a day trip to the Grand Canyon.  I'll have to post a few pics for you next week. 

I haven't forgotten about my experiment, results are still forth coming.

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