Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Buried Treasure Part 2

I thought you might like to see some pics from my previous post. To the left: my "Buried Treasure" handspun yarn. And to the right is I oz of "Golden Ochre" Merino Roving. I sell my roving by the ounce. The Merino is a wonderful price at just $2.50. I also include a free sample of matching Firestar with each ounce you buy. Firestar is a nylon that is super lustrous. Most spinners are big fans because it adds a lot of sparkle to any skein of yarn. It can also add strength to softer fibers like soy silk.

One more pic before I call myself done for the day. I also sell a line of skin tones for felters and spinners. There are a lot of needle felters doing gorgeous work out there and I decided to design a range just with them in mind. I'll post a couple links in my favorites so you can see some needle felting if you're unfamiliar with the craft/art. Although I was focused on the felters when I designed these skin tones, I have to say, that as a spinner, these colors have a great deal of appeal.

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