Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hand Dyed Roving in Crimson and Emerald

What are you spinning for the holidays? Actually, these two rovings are just the latest additions to my inventory at Wind Rose Fiber Studio. They are both 22 micron Merino and are sold by the ounce. The little sampler you see to the left is the 8" length of Firestar that I give away with all of my Merino Roving. It's been dyed to match in the same pot with the fiber. 8 inches of Firestar is enough to give some sparkle to any skein of yarn. When I'm designing a new yarn using my drum carder, I often add some Firestar. It has such a lovely shimmer to it. Firestar also spins easily, so as you are spinning your roving, you can gradually incorporate the Firestar as you go. So why Crimson and Emerald? As a crafter with a store I do need to start thinking ahead, but really these were just two shades that were out of stock. I do my best to keep every color of the rainbow and a few in between in my store. I like selling my roving by the ounce. It's a small enough amount for felters to buy and not be overwhelmed and its nice for spinners too. You can pick out 3 colors that appeal to you and have your own special skein of yarn!

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