Sunday, July 20, 2008

Today at Wind Rose Fiber Studio #4

Most important things first... Did you know that today is National Ice Cream Day?? That's right! The third Sunday in July. Have you had your ice cream today?

Back to business. I've started writing these little segments in part to keep myself focused and also to document a day in the life of this Etsy store owner. So today, even though it's Sunday, I've spent some time on my business. I'm in the process of opening a Flickr account. It's trying to load my avatar as we speak. I've also added two colors of merino roving to my inventory. I wrote about them in my post earlier today. They're the Crimson and Emerald hand dyed roving. The third thing I did today was list a Wind Rose Fiber Studio Gift Bag for sale at my store. I really like the idea of offering people the option of buying a gift bag with their item. The one-stop-shop; that's me. The gift bags have been customized with Wind Rose Fiber Studio labels and tags and come with 2 sheets of glittery green tissue. The gift bag costs $3.50, but it ships for free with any purchase to anywhere in the world. I also plan to use these gift bags to make holiday gift collections so ultimately they will serve two purposes. Well that's my day. I'll probably be playing with my new Flickr page until late tonight. I'm a junky.

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