Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fiberpunk™ All The Way!

Fiberpunk™ has taken over here at Wind Rose!  Every free moment I can find, I'm either collecting materials, imagining new designs or actually making them.  The line has grown quite a bit since my last post.  I began with extra long necklaces that could be worn a myriad of ways.  Then I started long necklaces with focal points that still offered movement and the same eclectic style.  Then I figured out how to translate Fiberpunk™ into bracelet form which was a lot of fun.  Now I'm working on a ring design.  So I wasn't kidding when I said "all the way".  Oh, and I forgot to mention earrings.  They are on the horizon as well.  Let me share some pictures and everything that's ready for sale can be found in the Fiberpunk™ Jewelry Section at Wind Rose Fiber Studio!


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