Thursday, January 8, 2015

Folk Art Heart Coaster & Appliqué Crochet Pattern
Last weekend, as I was putting away holiday decorations and replacing them with our everyday things, I noticed that my crocheted coasters were looking a little shabby.  I began to think about a heart coaster design as Valentine's Day is coming.  I didn't want to make an ordinary heart, so I began to play with something less symmetrical and more whimsical.  The result is my latest crochet pattern, the Folk Art Heart.

The finished heart measures 4.5" by 5", the perfect size for a coaster or mug rug. It can also be used as an appliqué to add some homemade goodness to your favorite jeans, t-shirt or tote. The size can be adjusted simply by increasing or decreasing the weight of the yarn and using an appropriately sized hook.  Although I made mine in a cotton/linen blend, it could be fun to add some texture.  Can't you picture a fur trim?

Anyway, I just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and share this new little pattern.  I hope 2015 brings everyone happy and healthy days filled with love!

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