Monday, October 20, 2014

Fiberpunk™ Jewelry

A brand new design has given me a renewed sense of excitement about my beloved fiber.  A picture formed in my mind one morning and I just had to act on it.  "I need a studio day," I said, putting my family on notice.  Once on my own, I foraged for supplies.  Drawers opened and closed, bags of yarn were dug through and tools assembled.  Hours later I emerged with the first piece in a new line of jewelry that I call Fiberpunk™.

I have enjoyed jewelry making for years and have always played around with blending yarn and jewelry, but never has a style presented itself to me with such clarity.  This is my love of tatting, crochet, beads and metal, come to life!  

So, what is Fiberpunk™?  It's a mixture of metal chains in different finishes and sizes that have been punked out with fiber.  It's texture and contrast, color and movement.   It's important to me that Fiberpunk™ Jewelry be versatile. When I complete a piece, I put it on a mannequin and if I can't create at least 5 cool and unique looks, I tweak the design until I can. Jewelry moves with us throughout the day and it's a lot of fun to wear a design that keeps reinventing itself with each move. 

I mentioned color before, so let's bring on the color!

Fiberpunk™ Jewelry is bold.  It's fun and funky.  It's colorful and textual.  It's Fiberpunk™!

You can hang with me as I create more Fiberpunk™ pieces at my dedicated Fiberpunk™ Twitter address @FiberpunkJewels.  I'm just getting started.  There is so much more to come!

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