Saturday, July 31, 2010

My New Earrings ~ Made with Handwoven Moroccan Beads

I'm here with a little show and tell today. It's been almost a week since I've made anything. The first week of school left me feeling creatively drained, and yet, when I go too long without making something new, I start to feel off.

I didn't have a plan for today's efforts, but I knew I had to make something to get myself feeling normal again. So I gathered a bunch of my findings and beads, as well as all the tools of the trade. They formed a circle on the floor in the middle of my bedroom. I sat in the middle of this circle and determined that I was staying there until I came up with something.

In addition to my usual collection of jewelry making materials, I have these gorgeous handwoven beads from Morocco. I wanted to find a way to showcase them. It took some time for my crafting mojo to kick in, but once I tried using metal spacers as end caps, I knew I was onto something. I ended up making these danglers with Czech glass beads adding a sparkling touch. I like they they have sort of an exotic, Moroccan feel to them. How could they not with those beautiful woven beads?

Oh, and please let me introduce you to my earring model. Isn't she gorgeous? Or maybe he's gorgeous. It's hard to say. I was looking for something interesting from which to hang my earrings, and my statue happily volunteered for the job.

He or she should at least have a name. Any ideas?

Color me greedy, but I think these are going into my jewelry box. Actually, I'm wearing them right now. I do have the materials to make another pair. Maybe by Monday I'll have a couple in the shop at Wind Rose to share.


Zzz said...

The earrings and the model are gorgeous. And the name, what about Kaino (shy), the model is SHE, absolutely :). First name Kaino here in Finland is she OR he.

Jenn said...

Oh! I like it! Kaino it is!

Just so I know if I'm saying it right, is the ai in Kaino pronounced like a long a?

Zzz said...

Great :). Kaino is pronounced
K-a-i-no, like it`s written.

I think it sounds japanese, a bit.

Jenn said...

Pretty. It does sound sort of Asian/Hawaiian. I think that it's the perfect name for her! :D