Sunday, July 25, 2010

Coils and Curls ~ Novelty Yarn

Wow! Tour de Fleece 2010 is coming to an end today. It really has been a fun ride. The Team of Wonder was and is awesome, inspiring company. I'm so glad I went on this spinning journey with you!

I just have to talk about spinning! I went back to refine my bouclé yesterday. I knew I wanted more curls and for them to be tighter than on my first attempt. I was using a push up method when it occurred to me that is is totally how coils are made.

After the Spring 2008 edition of Spin Off Magazine, I started to see coils everywhere. It was like everyone was spinning them. I thought they looked cool, but I didn't explore making my own because I didn't think the yarn would be ideal for the kinds of things I like to crochet. I have to say, "Now I get it!" Coils are just plain fun to spin!

So I abandoned my previous plan, which I seem to be doing a lot lately, and instead made this Coils and Curls yarn. It was ridiculously fun and felt almost reckless compared to my usual, controlled spinning. To tell you the truth, even my novelty yarns tend to be well thought out and carefully constructed. This felt like letting loose. Now, I just want to make a bunch of crazy yarn although I still don't know what I'll do with it!


Unknown said...

Gorgeous work - I love it! :-D

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