Monday, April 20, 2009

Lock Yarn Art!

Today I want to share this beautiful work of art with you. This disk, made by Laurie Boyer, was created using almost a full Coopsworth fleece spun into lock yarn. She then crocheted the yarn into a 32" wide disk and secured it over a circle of copper tubing. The finished product is a stunning work of art and it seems she has found the perfect setting for her sculpture!

Over the next couple weeks I'll be taking a closer look at lock yarn. I've got several pounds of curly Coopsworth locks on their way from The Sheep Shed Studio. I'll be spinning my own lock yarn and sharing the experience with you both in writing and through video. I'll also be dyeing locks and adding some to my inventory at Wind Rose Fiber Studio.

What's my current level of experience? I have done some amount of work with locks in the past. I've purchased many pounds of raw fleece and picked, washed and carded them. I've also incorporated locks into my handspun yarn. What I have done very little of is core spinning. So this will be a learning experience for me. I love a new challenge!

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