Monday, September 13, 2010

Woodworking at Wind Rose

This afternoon my studio became a woodworking shop for a few hours. I was contently measuring, sawing, drilling and sanding when I paused to look at my workspace. I decided to take a picture. It's not everyday that my little room in the back of the house looks like this.

Whenever I work with wood and that first whiff of sawdust scents the air, I think of my dad. He built wooden boats for fishing and sailing which is a pretty high contrast to my projects. Still, I can't help but think that my childhood, playing in the Virginia Boat Shop (my dad's workshop) is the reason why I'm comfortable with tools today.

I made a handful of my Wind Rose Spindle Noddys and tomorrow I'll be able to photograph them and start listing them in the shop. I'm still deciding if I should include other things in the box with them like my Top Whorl Drop Spindle Spinning Instructions or maybe an ounce of wool. It's always nice to have a little fiber to play with when you buy a new spinning tool.

Tomorrow I'll return with the pictures and tell you a little more about them. Night all.

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