Friday, September 24, 2010

Fire Moss and Soy Silk

I've been waiting on this pretty new fiber for a couple weeks, but I think it was worth it. This pencil roving by Louet is called Fire Moss and it's the newest fiber at Wind Rose Fiber Studio. I love these colors! I happen to be wearing this exact shade of green today. If it was a little cooler here, I'd have to whip up a quick scarf for myself.

That's one of the fun things about pencil roving. It's easy to spin, but you can also just knit or crochet the roving itself. It's also a great choice for felted totes or handbags. It works up so fast and felts like a dream!

I tend to list just a couple ounces at a time, but always feel free to contact me if you need more.

I also wanted to let you know that I finally have a replenished stock of white soy silk. It's been on backorder for a while now. This means that new colors of soy silk will soon be appearing in the shop. I'm sorry to keep the soy silk lovers waiting.

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