Thursday, September 16, 2010

National Spin in Public Day ~ Saturday, September 18

This is a fiber arts blog, so I must proclaim to the world, or at least my handful of readers, that this coming Saturday is National Spin in Public Day.

Whether it's for 20 minutes or all day long, grab those drop spindles and spinning wheels and head outside. Set up in a park, a coffee shop, a bench in the mall, a street fair or even the grass of your own front yard. Be in a place where people can see you and where you can share your craft.

Whenever I tell people I like to spin my own yarn, I get responses like, "Do people really still do that?" or "That seems like a pretty unique hobby." When I tell them there are thousands of us spinners out there, they look skeptical. Well now's our chance to show the nation just how many of us there are!

Even better, we can answer questions, give demonstrations and share our love of fiber arts with others. This is a chance to invite new young spinners into the fold. Whenever I spin in public, I always find myself surrounded by children. If I put a drop spindle in their hands and show them how it works, they get very excited. They call their moms over to see what they can do. The spark has been ignited.

So my spinning friends, I implore you. This Saturday, find a shady palm, perhaps the good company of a sombrero wearing frog, and spin!


The Mully's said...

I'm so in! I'm excited! I think it'll be either at our salon or local sbux. Hahaha. I haven't decided. We shall see... I'll let ya know. :-)

WonderWhyGal said...

A bunch of us are meeting at our local yarn shop. They don't sell spinning supplies or equipment but love yarn of all kinds so they welcomed us to sit inside if it rains or if we want to camp outside under their awning (they are situated outside of Meijers) we can do that so the public can see us spin.