Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Wind Rose Spindle Noddy ~ It's Here!

Here it is! I'd like to formally introduce The Wind Rose Spindle Noddy! I'm so excited!

The Wind Rose Spindle Noddy is a drop spindle and a niddy noddy all in one! Use the Spindle Noddy to spin beautiful skeins of yarn and wrap them right onto the 24" Niddy Noddy.

Singles can be placed on a swift and wound into center pull balls for easy plying. Or you can make single ply yarn that is conveniently wrapped onto the niddy noddy as you spin. Slide off your completed hank and it's ready to be washed and the twist set. You may also enjoy having the 2 foot niddy noddy for making sample skeins or short skeins for smaller projects.

The Wind Rose Spindle Noddy weighs 1oz with an 8.5" spindle length. The arms of the niddy noddy are 6" long allowing three inches on each side of the spindle. This is enough room to spin nice big skeins of yarn.

The Spindle Noddy is made from unfinished birch and comes with spinning instructions, a leader cord and a .5oz sample of roving. It's shipped in a sturdy box for safe travels.


WonderWhyGal said...

I think I should order one so that I can check it out. Hopefully I will be coordinated not to make a mess of the yarn.

Jenn said...

I'm sure you would feel comfortable with the spindle noddy very quickly. The big difference between it and a drop spindle is that you probably have to spin more often. The design doesn't lend itself toward continuous motion as much as a whorl.