Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Locks of Appreciation

I probably shouldn't reveal this about myself, but I'm a big pushover for a compliment. When one of my customers told me she liked the way I prepared my locks, I didn't just say thank you. I asked her for her favorite color combinations so I could dye her some more!

She happily replied back and had some really nice ideas about color. Today I started the first of several batches of dyed mohair locks. These are scoured Texas Mohair with a long (up to 5") staple length and a pretty shine. They also have a nice crimp and curl.

This first batch is still drying. The sun is so bright today that it's a little hard to see the depth of color. Tomorrow I'll be able to take a better picture so you can see the full range of crimson, burgundy and wine working through the locks. The colors are very striking together. I've dyed enough for my new flattering friend with more for the store. I'll be back when the mohair is ready for it's next photo shoot.

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