Wednesday, September 22, 2010

*Snap!* the job's a game! ~ Artist Feature

Today I'm excited to share the talents of my feature artist Krysten of Gherkin's Bucket.

You know, there are Ravelers and then there are Ravelers. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, it's probably time for you to check out Ravelry.) I've been on Ravelry since September of 2008. I'm a pseudo regular. I log in to share patterns and host crochet-alongs. I also had a great time spinning in the Tour de Fleece with my Ravelry group the Team of Wonder. Compared to some, however, I'm a babe in the woods.

Krysten, better known as gherkin to her Ravelry friends, is a true presence on the site. She's completed 145 projects and has another 704 in her cue. She has her own group, appropriately named Gherkin's Bucket Group, with 158 members and growing. Somehow she also finds the time to run her own Etsy shop, Gherkin's Bucket, where she sells handspun yarn and hand painted fibers.

Given all this, I was really pleased when I saw that she had chosen one of my patterns for a project. I've always enjoyed sharing my designs, but I rarely get to see how they are used. Krysten combined my pattern, Jenn's Quick & Easy Open Weave Scarf, and her own handspun yarn in the creation of her project *Snap!* the job's a game!

As you can see, she was inspired by Mary Poppins and the scarf worn here by Julie Andrews. If you click on the picture of the DVD case, you should be able to view a larger image. The design is similar to my scarf pattern. Who knew? I guess Krysten, that's who!

She made the scarf a bit wider. (I actually have instructions on the pattern on how to increase the width.) She also added a fringe to match the one worn by Mary Poppins. The colors of her yarn are so perfect and with the stripes, it really does look like Mary's.

What a fun idea! I'll never look at my pattern the same again and I mean that in a good way!

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