Monday, September 6, 2010

The Vandyke Necklace ~ The Pattern is Ready!

I hope the holiday weekend has been relaxing and fun for everyone. It makes me wish all weekends were three day weekends. I get so much done and I still feel rested. It's wonderful!

Drum roll please... after much proof reading, The Vandyke Necklace Pattern is now complete and available for purchase at Wind Rose Fiber Studio. The pattern is very detailed and includes the exact materials I used to make this model. It also contains eight helpful photographs. I love visuals, so I always include quite a few in my patterns.

I've been enjoying making this necklace up in different fibers just to see how they look. So far, I like the 100% cotton by Sinfonia that you see pictured here very much. I think the cotton shows off the details of the lace. I've also made the pattern using wool, recycled cotton and I have plans to try it with a bamboo/silk blend. I'll share my results when I'm done. Making these models also means that I'll have a few available for sale in the shop in a few days. If you'd rather buy one than crochet one, they are on their way!

I promised a couple more views last week, so here's a picture of the necklace from the front. I have also taken a pic of the closure. The necklace fastens with a hook and chain. The chain creates the possibility of extending the overall length from 15" to 17". Once you have worked through the pattern, it will become clear how you can easily adjust the length of the crocheted neck chain as well.

I'm excited about this new design. I think incorporating a little vintage style with a modern wardrobe will result in eye catching ensembles. Sometimes it's the unexpected accessory that can make the whole outfit come together!

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