Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Santa Fe International Folk Art Market ~ Here I Come!

This is a photograph of downtown Santa Fe from my last visit. I think I'm even more excited about my upcoming trip because I'll be attending the International Folk Art Market! Art and Santa Fe seem to go hand in hand, but on one special weekend, artists come from all over the world to share their work.

This weekend, 170 artists will gather from over 50 countries creating a marketplace like no other. It will take some 1,500 volunteers to make the event happen and over 20,000 (last year 23,000+) people will likely attend. Artists retain 90% of their sales and the money they make helps to support their families, cooperatives and communities back home. Shopping at this global market means supporting individuals and groups from all over the world.

I'm an art enthusiast, so for me, the more than eight hour drive to Santa Fe is worth the effort. I simply can't wait. My family is coming too and I'm very excited for my kids to have this international experience. My husband and I have decided to try something new. Our kids are getting a little older now, so we plan to give each of them some real spending money. It's one thing to admire art, but you start to look at it differently when you become a consumer. It will be interesting to see how being buyers will change their perspectives and even more interesting to see what they buy.

Next week I'll be sharing pictures of the event as well as some of our treasures. Whenever possible, I'll look to provide artist information. Nothing makes me happier than to support other artisans and their work!

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