Thursday, July 29, 2010

Megan's Headband ~ Making a Comeback!

I have to laugh at this picture because it's totally vintage Wind Rose. This was back in the bad old days before image editing, especially on an Apple computer, had become quick and easy. My camera wasn't much help either, but believe it or not, this photo helped me get into a few juried craft shows.

The featured item here is Megan's Headband. This is a design of mine that was inspired by a sweet young friend named Megan. She went to preschool with my son and her mother I became friends. One day Megan was wearing a very interesting headband. I'd never seen anything quite like it before, so I asked her mom about it. It was something they had purchased on a family trip to Singapore. I asked if I could study it sometime and so that is how Megan's headband came to be.

So I had some definite inspiration for this design and I made some pretty major changes. I used different materials, changed the way the headband is wrapped and tweaked the crocheted kerchief in the back. I bet I made and sold at least a hundred of these before moving out to Arizona. Then I stopped doing craft shows and took my business online. My poor Megan's Headbands have bee sitting in my studio, waiting for attention.

I don't know how much attention they'll receive on the internet. Headbands are the kinds of things that you have fun trying on and looking in the mirror. At my craft shows, I had a tall mirror that I painted purple with sparkling silver stars. Girls would put on a headband and dance in front of it. You gotta love dress up!

Today I'm just here to humbly let you know that I'm listing them for sale in my ArtFire shop. So far there are four, but I have at least another half dozen to go.

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WonderWhyGal said...

What a neat headband...I love the crochet with it. I can see why you had lots of sales.