Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sparkling Metallic Fibers!

For two days straight, I have been plunging into the depths of my studio and coming up with buried treasure. Today I found gold! That is, I found sparkling Angelina fibers looking for a good home.

My studio is actually an orderly place. It's just packed full of my years of fiber enthusiasm. I've been holding onto a large assortment of Angelina fiber and I've decided to go ahead and sell it. For me it's about clearing space, so I'm only charging what I paid. I'll be happy to break even and have a little more studio wiggle room.

So this means, for a limited time, I'll be selling a range of these twinkling metallic fibers. They are made of shredded mylar and metallic film. The are soft and fine enough to go through a drum carder. I've decided to package them in .25oz bags because that is enough fiber to make two or three batts of roving, or skeins of yarn, very sparkly!

I have seven colors to choose from. At the very top of this post is Yellow Gold. Then moving down to my set of six pictures and going from left to right: Lapis & Purple, Mardi Gras, Antique Gold, Silver, Lapis and Crystal Amethyst.


KingBecky said...

I was just nosing on your etsy, how yummy are your fibres? now i'm a little fibre hungry! i cant wait to get my hands on a wheel, i borrowed one this weekend and i am in love :) i'll be buying some of your fibres for sure in the autumn :)

Jenn said...

Once you play on a wheel, it's hard to imagine life without one!