Friday, February 3, 2012

Baby Girl Beanie

I made another beanie for Craft Hope last night.  This one is sized for a baby girl.  I thought it might be nice to add a scalloped trim for an extra touch.  If you are making the Spiral Beanie, and you would like to add a trim like this one, all I did was alter the last row of the brim as follows:

(sl st, skip st, 3 dc in next st, skip st) around

This gives you a cute little scalloped edge.  I also wanted to make a flower for my brim.  I was using bulky yarn, so I knew I needed a very simple and flat flower or it would overwhelm the whole hat.  Here's how I made my

Six Petal Flower

ch 2
Row 1:  6 sc in second ch from hook, join with sl st to first sc
Row 2:  ch 2, dc, ch 2, sl st into same st, *sl st into next st, ch 2, dc, ch 2, sl st into same st* around, sl st into 1st sc and finish off.  Use tail ends to sew onto hat.

I hope you enjoy these little embellishments to The Spiral Beanie Pattern!  

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