Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Needle Tatted Scarf Necklace

I devoted a good part of this past holiday weekend to completing my tatted scarf necklace. This is a design that I first started talking about back in May. At that time it was a mere pencil sketch and I had begun to make flowers and leaves in all different colors.

Then last week I took my first shot at a prototype. I wasn't happy enough with the outcome to post about it. Now I feel like I'm beginning to do my idea some justice.

This version in black and silver is making me happy.
You can't really tell by this picture, but I designed the necklace so that there are three chains in the center, so that even when you only wrap it around your neck once, you look like you are wearing a layered necklace. I have the scarf wrapped around the mannequin's neck several times for the purpose of the photograph. I wanted to be able to show the tasseled ends with the flowers. This is actually a pretty cute way to wear it.

I wore it to my crochet class today to get feedback from the group. At the time I was wearing it wrapped around my neck just once. The piece is long so that with just one wrap, the ends come down almost to the waist. The sweet ladies in my class gave me some lovely, positive feedback. I did however, as the day went on, begin to feel like I had made the scarf too long. I wrapped it around my neck one more time bringing the ends more to chest level and liked that look much better. I think my future tatted scarf necklaces will be made a little shorter than this one.

The last time I talked about this project, I was wondering what I should call it. On a whim, I searched for "scarflaces" on Etsy. Wouldn't you know there were quite a few, but it seems like the most popular way to refer to this sort of accessory is as a scarf necklace, so that's where I've landed. Now that I have a design I like, it's time to play with different colors!

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