Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chunky Tatted Wall Art

Hello blog world! How have you been? People are always saying "What a crazy week I had", but honestly, my past week has had elements of true crazy. That, along with the fact that my other half was away on work travel, kept me very distracted.

As a result, I have little to show for myself in the way of creative accomplishments. My only offering is this piece of chunky tatted wall art I made yesterday afternoon. It was my way of celebrating Friday and the end of a rather maddening seven days.

I love the idea of fiber wall art, but I've only just begun to play around with it. This is a rather simple design. I like the contemporary feel of it and it's just the sort of piece I needed for my chosen wall space. In case you were wondering, my wall is not this pinkish red color, but more of an earthy yellow. I just needed a background that didn't wash out the colors and red seemed to do the trick.

In tatting, you can create very elaborate designs. When placed vertically, they make me think of scrolled metal art only much softer. The challenge using yarn is both making the tools to tat on this scale, and also creating a piece that will hold its shape. In making this leaf design, I was experimenting with the ability of the yarn to hold a more elongated shape. Though this picture was taken with the piece laying down flat, it does maintain this shape hanging on the wall.

I'm looking forward to making more tatted wall art. I have designs dancing around in my brain. It will be fun to set them free!


CarolynK said...

What's the size of the piece?

Jenn said...

You know, that would have been good information to include in my post. The total length when hanging on the wall is 19". The green vine alone is 14". Thanks for asking!

shannon_in_love said...

what did you use for the fiber?

Jenn said...

Hi, I carried two strands of Lion Brand's Wool Ease Thick 'n Quick.