Friday, May 20, 2011

Designing a Tatted Neck Scarf

The other day I said I would show you the tatting project I'm working on. I think of it as a necklace because it's meant to be ornamental rather than warm, but it will be worn more like a scarf. That's why I went with "Neck Scarf" in the title of this post.

I realize that this is a rough sketch. I just thought some people might find the process interesting. Basically, I get an idea and then I sketch it out. In this case it's a tatted chain which will have flowers and leaves attached like charms coming down to a tassel of tatted flowers on each end. It will be light and whimsical and hopefully a fun accessory to pair with all sorts of outfits.

Part of my motivation for this project is my ongoing desire to design fiber accessories that are appropriate for warmer climates or warmer seasons. I've been a bit fixated on this since moving to the southwest from Virginia. Here, where the winters are so mild, there are very few days when you'll long for a woolen scarf, but I love working with wool and other warm fibers too. The challenge I have created for myself is to create accessories from the materials I love that are warm climate friendly. I figure if you can wear them here in the desert, you can wear them anywhere!

Right now I'm in production mode. I'm basically making 5 different shapes in multiple colors. I'll need probably 6 or 7 of each color before I can start my layout. I'm also making some free-form shapes for the tassels.

Once I feel satisfied with my inventory of pieces, I'll start to lay them out and design my neck scarf. I haven't decided which colors or how many different colors I'll use yet. I just want to have plenty to choose from.

Well, that's my latest tatting project. I'm getting to a point where I have almost too many projects going at once. I have a hairpin lace sweater, a Bruges crochet lace shawl that I'm working on too. I'm glad summer is coming. Maybe I'll have more time to create!

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