Monday, May 30, 2011

Crocheted Bruges Lace ~ Magical Wave Stole Completed!

I am pleased to be able to share my completed Magical Wave Stole today! I finished it up this morning and it has already been washed and blocked.

Washing this project was definitely a must. I love the look and feel of the yarn I used, but the red turned my hands pink as I crocheted. I've actually gone around for a couple weeks now with a pink, diagonal line across my left forefinger where the working yarn passed across my hand. My palms and the tips of other fingers have also been stained pink. I guess that's red for you. I rinsed and rinsed my
finished stole until finally the water ceased to color. Then I laid it out on some towels in the sun to dry. It's such a gorgeous day, that it only took an hour to be thoroughly dry and ready to have it's picture taken.

It's been a while since I've made a project this big. The stole measures about 30 inches from the neck to the waist and is 6 feet long. It's also been a while since I've followed a pattern. Typically I spend more time designing patterns of my own. It's been a good experience to make someone else's pattern. It feels like exercising brain muscles I haven't used for a while. It also takes a sort of discipline. I found myself continually wanting to go off on my own ideas. I had to tell myself to complete this project first and then I could go back to my designing ways.

Now I'm enjoying that lovely sense of accomplishment that comes at the end of a project. I'm going to Europe this summer and I can already picture myself wrapped in my Magical Wave Stole, sipping on wine at an Italian cafe. Ah, I like that picture!


Mlissabeth said...

This is so beautiful! I love the waves~ they do seem magical.

Zzz said...

It´s lovely.

Jenn said...

Thank you ladies! ♥

Heather Woollove said...

Oh, what a wonderful project...and SO much work!
I can't wait to see photos of you wearing it in Europe!!
Oh, I'm so Europe for me this summer, alas!
Have a wonderful trip, and please take photos so we can all live vicariously through YOU!! XXO-

Unknown said...

I have tried this pattern and keep getting stuck. Is the 2nd part of the pattern as is or did you adjust it to make up for the mistake in part 1?

Jenn said...

Hi, it's been so long now that I can't remember. I'm hoping I provided you with all you need in this post:

Jenn :)