Monday, May 23, 2011

Crocheted Bruges Lace ~ Magical Wave Stole

Hi. I thought I'd share one of my projects with you today. I'm working on the Reversible Magical Wave Stole from the book Crochet Master Class.

This project is part of my continuing education goal. I'm spending this year doing projects that involve styles of crochet with which I haven't worked. Crocheted Bruges lace falls into that category.

So far I've really been enjoying the Bruges lace. As I crochet this stole, I keep getting design ideas of my own. When I'm done with my stole, I'm looking forward to experimenting further with different shapes and how to bring them together.

If anyone else is working on this particular pattern, I found that the instructions for the beginning of Part 1 were a little off. I actually got off to a slow start because I had to figure out how it should read and feel certain of my corrections before going forward. I'd like to save anyone else the trouble, so in Part 1 of this pattern, I believe the rows should read:

Rows 18-23
Row 24
Rows 25 and 26
Rows 27 and 28
Rows 29-34
Repeat Rows 13-34 for pattern

I checked and double checked this, so I hope I'm not misleading anyone. It also says you will have 20 sc joining rows on one side and 10 on the other. That "10" should read 19. I make these corrections humbly as I know how easy it is to miss things when pattern writing.

I'm also working with Tapping Tootsees Done Roving Yarn for the first time. The color I have chosen is called Cardinals In The Pine. It's a 60/30/10 blend of Merino, Bamboo and Nylon and I'm really liking the feel of it. It lays nice and it's very easy to work with. I love the painted colors and I also like the fact that it comes in large skeins. It's put up in 434 yard/4oz hanks.

So that's my latest. It's moving pretty fast, so I'm hoping I'll have time to finish it over the next week. Then maybe I'll go back to my hairpin lace project which I find a little more boring, but I think it will be a pretty sweater when it's finished.

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countrygal59 said...

Thank you for your corrections to this pattern. I had gotten all the way through part 1, and used the picture in part 1 along with the written directions only to find that it wasn't working out when I started on part 2. So now I am starting over again.

Jenn said...

I did the exact same thing! I had this sense that something was wrong, but because it matched that first diagram, I told myself to go ahead and complete the first part. That's a lot of crocheting to frog, but I am happy with my finished stole. It was worth the effort!

Anonymous said...

thank your for the corections 10 and 20 made no sence but 19 and 20 sounds rite .... im gona be moving on to part 2 lol xxx

Anonymous said...

i'm working this pattern from the book so thank you for this! i'm actually stuck a little behind the part with the errors -- in row 15, what is meant by "insert hook in opposite arch"? the diagram shows arch 15 double-crocheted to arch 31? thanks!

Laura Pell said...

Thank you but do you also have corrections to the beginning of Part 3 THE STRIP - I'm not creative enough to figure out the diagram and the instructions don't seem to make sense either. I don't want to give up this far down the road but am getting frustrated with the directions. Please and thanks!

Marie Harris said...

Thank you thank you thank you! I was so confused about how you could end up with 10 on one side and 20 on the other. Thank you!