Monday, May 2, 2011

Mixed Up Merino ~ It's New!

Today I'm introducing something new to Wind Rose Fiber Studio. It's soft, it's fluffy and it's all mixed up. It's Mixed Up Merino!

I loved providing solid colors so that people can find that perfect shade, but sometimes I feel the need to mix things up. Mixed Up Merino is the same, hand dyed Merino you've come to know at Wind Rose, only I've blended the colors together with my drum carder. Then I gently pull them into nice, soft rovings.

I'm still selling them in 1 ounce lots so you can buy how much or how little you need. So whether you're making a coat for a little felted field mouse, or creating a nuno felted scarf, you can find the right amount for your project. I will always try to make enough of each Mixed Up Merino blend for anyone with a larger project in mind. You may want to spin 1000 yards to knit a shawl.

I do need to warn however, that these mixes are not part of my staple inventory. If you see a color blend you like, you might want to snatch it up as you may not see it again. Yikes!

I'm starting things off with this Mixed Up Merino blend of Turquoise and Rust. I've added some Firestar in the same colors and a hint of Golden Yellow.

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