Friday, January 14, 2011

The Hairpin Lace Project ~ Part Trois

I have a feeling that this hairpin lace project of mine is going to end up with a lot of posts. I decided I'd better start numbering them. I'm taking a break from the Roman Numerals and going with French. Pourquoi pas?

So you can see I have two more lace strips completed. I didn't feel the same need to pin my loops as before because each of these strips fit entirely on my loom. If you click on the pic and take a closer look, you might understand why I am a little worried about protecting my loops. They already seem to want to curl and twist. Now imagine them hanging free as you turn the loom around and around making more lace. It seems like it would be easy to end up with a twisted nightmare. The fact that this yarn is 10% mohair also means that it likes to stick together a little. It could get messy if I'm not careful.

On the positive side, I love the colors that are coming through and I think this will make up into a really cool looking garment. Remember, I'm making an unconstructed cardi wrap from the book Crochet Master Class.

Even though I have quite a few strips to go, I'm anxious to head out and buy the yarn that will be used to trim and assemble my pieces. With this colorway, I could go with either a cool or a warm trim. I wear more cool tones, so I'm leaning in that direction, but we'll have to see what I find when I'm standing in the yarn aisle.

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~ Phyllis ~ said...

This is really interesting. Thanks for posting the pics. I have wondered about hairpin lace. Now I know what it looks like. Very pretty.