Thursday, December 9, 2010

Yarn Bombing? Art Installation?

Whether you call it yarn bombing or a form of art, all I can say is that it's totally fun!

Yesterday I took a field trip to The Fiber Factory in Mesa, Arizona. Ruth, our project leader, was already there with a few other fiber enthusiasts. Members of our guild, the TelaraƱa Weavers and Spinners, and friends of The Fiber Factory contributed remnants of their own knitting and weaving. There were also pieces of crochet and felt on hand so the fiber arts were well represented!

The next few hours were spent with needles and ladders as we wrapped and sewed our fabric to the Palo Verde trees in front of The Fiber Factory. I myself was up on a ladder working on the left arm of this tree from the yellow on up. There is something so satisfying about hugging your arms around a tree and sewing it up in a nice wool sweater. I'm also quite sure that the trees appreciated our sewing over the use of staples or anything painful like that.

We had fun embellishing the trees with flowers and furry scarves. The yarn clad trees will be on display throughout the holiday season, so if you're local, go for a drive down to 216 West Main Street in Mesa.

Thanks to Ruth for being the creative force behind this wonderful project. I thoroughly enjoyed taking part and I know everyone else did as well. It makes me want to wrap everything in warm, woolly goodness!


Lona said...

Please tell me you didn't use acrylic. (Oops! That was my inner yarn snob peeking out.)

How fun...

Jenn said...

As a matter of fact, I don't recall seeing any acrylic yarn. Even the scrap yarn we used to sew on our pieces was made from Merino and other wools. I think guild people tend to like the good stuff!