Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Earrings

This year my mom and sister sent me some really cute earrings for Christmas.

These fiber earrings are so cool. They look great on and in spite of their deconstructed appearance, they seem to be sturdy and well fashioned.

I love their funky look and wanted to be able to promote the artist, but my search came up dry. All I have is the name Ma Su Ke. The best lead I can give you, is that if you live in the northern Virginia area, look for her at your local craft venues!

My next show and tell are these cute little Peace Crane Earrings. My photo doesn't really do them justice. It's hard photographing birds! I should have hung them, but now I'm digressing...

I'm happy to report the the creator of these little cuties is on Etsy. You can find your own pair of Peace Crane Earrings and other origami art at Origami Crafts.

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