Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Scrolled Yarn Wall Art

Okay, so it's actually tatted yarn wall art. I just can't stop playing with this idea of over-sized tatting mimicking scrolled metal. The trick is the yarn thickness to needle size ratio. The finished forms need to be structurally sound enough to support themselves and maintain their shape. I think I have that issue solved after a few test pieces and now I can experiment with larger and/or more elaborate designs.

Perhaps this is just crazy, buy as a yarnie and a lover of all things fiber related, going vertical appeals to me. What could be better than to look up and see a cool yarn design hanging on the wall? After all, that's what macrame is all about. I've never really explored macrame, but just from looking at it, I suspect that it has a few stitches in common with tatting. At the end of the day, it's all knot tying. I'm just using yarn and a really big needle!

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Mimi Crichton Hollar said...

Love it! You are soooooo talented and come up with such endlessly amazing ideas!