Friday, April 16, 2010

Single Sided Miser's Purse ~ The Pattern is Coming!

April is turning out to be a pretty hectic month for me, but I am determined to stick to my goal of one pattern a month. I decided back in January, that this year I would devote myself to writing patterns inspired by vintage designs all dating from the late 1800's to the early 1900's. This time period offers us an amazing heritage of handiwork which I hope to honor in my own work.

Last month I published my pattern for the 1895 Miser's Purse. I love the concept behind this design and it's a purse I can see women carrying today. It's perfect for all of our modern "toys". There is also the fact that it is simply adorable. Everyone I show this to responds with, "Can I have it?" As a matter of fact, I'm slower getting this pattern written because I've been making them for all the women in my family!

This weekend I'll be busy writing and I hope to have the pattern complete by the beginning of next week. I'll be back with purchase details and links when I'm all set. This is a great little gift that can be crocheted in just a short amount of time. In the world of small projects, this one is unique and very fun.

I had to post one more pic so you can see how the Miser's Purse opens. The multiple drawstrings keep items secure inside the purse and then with just a pull, they open to reveal the pocket. It's so cool!

On a final note today, the ladies who joined in on the Mini Muk Luk Tutorial have given me permission to share their awesome completed projects. I'll have that for you tomorrow. They are all so cute that you are sure to get inspired to make a pair of your own!

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