Monday, December 14, 2009

Westen Learns to Crochet ~ Step 2: The Chain

Westen is continuing on his crochet journey. Now he has learned to chain. The first day I showed him, he was having a hard time with it and was consequently not too happy. The next day I was kind of dreading our lesson, but when you are trying to teach your hands how to do something like crochet, it helps if you practice at least a little every day. It really helps with the muscle memory.

So on the second day, I started off slowly, having him watch me. "OK, OK, I get it!" he snapped impatiently. He took the hook and yarn from my hands and just started chaining. Then, we just sat and chained for a while.

Today we started working on single crochets. Now he's a little frustrated again, but I'm sure tomorrow he'll just grab it out of my hands and go!

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