Monday, December 21, 2009

Hand Painted Falkland Top

I'm bummed about my pictures today! It's cloudy here in Phoenix and I couldn't get my camera to take a good photo to save my life. I must have taken 100 pictures trying, but they all came out either too dark or with too much reflection. So sad!

I have posted these, my new colorways at Wind Rose. However, I hope to improve upon the pics the first chance I get. Let me introduce you, from left to right:

Alien Nightfall ~ This roving is painted a beautiful night blue with shocks of chartreuse popping out.

Cherry Tree ~ This one is a vibrant blend of cherry with olive and brown tones.

My Fair Lady ~ Finally, this roving was created with fair skin tones in mind. For anyone who felts dolls or animals, they'll find peach, porcelain as well as pink and very light brown. This came out a little heavier on the pink than I planned, so in the future, it will have more light brown and a pink that is even more fair. If you spin, my first thought when I saw how this roving turned out was "baby girl". This colorway would make beautiful baby clothes and accessories.

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