Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fellow Artists, How do you decorate your homes?

You don't have to answer that question, but I am curious. I do wonder sometimes how other arty people live. This is on my mind today because we are refinancing our house and my home inspection was this morning. I don't think of myself as being all that different until I start to walk around seeing my house through the eyes of others. I found myself trying to explain certain choices every time we turned a corner. So just how quirky am I?

We started with the backyard. We have a pool and spa, a swing set for the kids, basketball. It's a pretty typical Arizona back yard until you see that our Christmas Tree is outside. Before you laugh, picture this: A covered porch, on one end a Christmas Tree all lit up, cozy furniture arranged for the sole purpose of enjoying the tree lights, snuggly fleece blankets, off to the side a fire glows in the fire pit, Candles, a little music, a warm drink.... See, it really isn't so crazy. Right?

Inside I had more explaining to do. I have a downstairs restroom which, when we bought the house, was a frightening shade of intense turquoise blue. Not wanting to paint, I decided to embrace the blue and went with a crazy Kokopelli/Southwest kind of theme. I gave it a grass roof and lizards climbing the wall. Well I guess I should just show you, I can't really describe it.

I could go on and on. I have a living/dining room space that has club chairs and a pool table. One of my son's rooms we call Madagascar because that's what he wanted me to create when we decorated. My other son has his own art center and his paintings hang on the wall. Of course my studio is a wild, colorful home to my spinning wheel, looms, roving, yarn and piles of handmade creations. We keep a six foot trampoline in our loft/game area. So maybe my house is a little out there. Mostly it's set up for fun, comfort and to accommodate all of our hobbies.

Well, the inspectors seemed nice and I'm sure they see all kinds of stuff with the job they do. I wonder though, how do the other arty people of the world decorate. Do they confine their art to a studio or to one space or does it tend to find it's way throughout their homes. How stylish, quirky or classic are you?

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