Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cashmere Nuno Felt - Elegantly Crafted by enee Fabric Design

I've been meaning to spotlight eneefabricdesign for some time now. Her work is among the most gorgeous nuno felt I've encountered! She has been creating nuno felt for some time now and her work gracefully displays her experience with the art.

Her Etsy Shop is now featuring a small collection of Cashmere Nuno Scarves. They are all one of a kind and uniquely beautiful. It is the perfect marriage of two luxurious fibers, silk and cashmere.

From the artist, " I took my first workshop from Polly Stirling, and little did I know that no other class would ever come close to what I learned from her. She did have a nuno jacket she made that she passed around to the class (5 years ago!) and all I could think of was I was in an enchanted forest..."

Her love of nuno felt is so evident and contageous in her words. She generously offers her pieces at wholesale prices for Etsy shoppers. If you love wearable art, look no further!


Nunofeltdesigns by NESchwab, San Francisco said...

Thank you Jenn, for highlighting my store and cashmere nunos. Cashmere fibers add a very soft texture, and every felter should try working with it. Expensive, but worth it!
Nancy Schwab, enee Fabric Design, San Francisco

agoodwitchtoo said...

Beautiful! Off to check out her shop now :)